200Wad is about helping people to write with the help of a community.

One can only do so much by setting your own goals without feedbacks and encouragements from others. 200Wad transforms the "good resolutions that never work" into a collective experience which supports personal writing discipline and development.

In order to do this, 200Wad provides today a way for individuals to write and publish a post, to account for an uninterrupted series of daily posts, to read others' posts and to provide comments and encouragements via post feedbacks.

Most of users interactions are conducted through a "one-to-one" or "one-to-few" manner and are post-centric, meaning that there's no way to maintain a persistent, group conversation beyond the context of a single post.

Our proposal is to enable an expanded community experience across 200Wad, while keeping it tightly aligned with the specific mission of the project: encouraging and improving writing habits.

We both, @Philh and I @lucjah, decided to work on The Couch Project together. The very idea of Couch was Lucja's, yet without Philippe there would be no incorporation, no body to the thoughts.
We tried. In vain! The angle, the style, the emphasis of each of us were clashing. Big times.
We decided that we, each of us, will prepare "a personal narrative", something that comes naturally. Like a conversation of two people who want to express themselves, understand and be understood through a dialogue.
And so, here we are...
200WaD V2
Towards a true collective experience for daily writers.
We wanted do it Together together, create some kind of unified text including/ containing/ embracing/ encompassing vision and take of both of us.