The Future of Work
Modern organizations are outgrowing traditional firms by opening up to contributors beyond their corporate framework. Instead of relying on a trained but limited workforce, they are leveraging external crowds to design, build and market their services, making them more efficient, agile and adaptable to change.

But as talented individuals increasingly choose to work independently, the competition for quality services begins to rise.

If organizations want to attract and retain talented individuals they must treat them as first-class citizens. However, currently there are no long-term mechanisms in place to reward these external stakeholders for their effort.

Businesses distribute economic value to shareholders, executives and employees, but there is no system to account for the value created by external stakeholders.

The Challenge
As a result independent contributors often get disappointed, mistrustful, and adverse towards organizations.
Tribute helps organizations attract and maintain a strong community of contributors through value accounting and economic incentives. Together with traditional monetary compensation, organizations can use Tribute to create their own contributive tokens in order to reward contributions.

Contributive tokens can be used to represent future payments at an early stage of a business, include contributors in decision-making processes, distribute shares of future profits, and more.
The Solution
Issuing your own tokens allows you to track the value created by your community and reward individuals for their contributions
Mint Your Tokens
Fire up activities offered to your community. Define how to reward them, have them assigned to contributors and approve them once delivered.
Facilitate and Scale Coordination
Tribute is an open, censorship-free and decentralized network. Our match-making services are open for everyone and will always remain free.
Find The Right Resources At No Cost
Encourage interpersonal interactions, team cooperation, and a common culture through monetary and reputational incentives.
Foster Cooperation And Engagement
Tokens offer many more possibilities than traditional equity. Create customized incentive schemes that meet your contributors' expectations.
Developers can use our APIs to embed token-based incentives directly in their app or social media campaigns.
Embed Into Your App
Reap the Benefits of Programmable Equity