What are Projects?
Projects are used to grow communities of contributors who take part in a common goal.
A project can take the name of an organization, a startup, a subsidiary, a collective, etc.
Each project has its own contributive token, with its own symbol.
Who can manage a project?
A project has at least one owner, who can issue tokens, manage contributions, and invite members.
Owners can invite other people to co-own their projects.
What are Initiatives?
Initiatives are sets of contributions within a project. Their management can be delegated to an initiative owner.
For instance, a project might combine a 'Marketing', an 'Operations', and a 'Finance' initiatives.
Initiatives can in turn include sub-initiatives. Ex: 'Marketing' initiative may include 'Events', 'Brand', and 'Content' sub-initiatives.
Can I share my project publicly?
By default, projects are only accessible to their members. Owners can make them public, so that anyone can see what the project is about and can ask to participate.
What are Contributors and what is the difference between project owners and contributors?
Contributors are people rewarded with contributive tokens for their contributions to the project. They join a project through an invitation sent by the project owner, or through a request made to join an existing project.
What are Contributions?
Contributions are actions needed to complete initiatives. Owners assign contributions to members of a project, approve them when they are delivered, so that they are rewarded with the Contributive Tokens of the project.
Ex: Designing invitations for an opening party, Designing a Website's interface, writing down a shareholders' agreement, etc.
What are Calls for Contributions?
Calls for contributions are used by owners to receive proposals from the project members. Owners can select winning proposals and convert them into contributions. When a project is public, calls for contributions can be made public as well, so that non-members can learn about opportunities to contribute to the project.
Who can approve a contribution?
Project and initiative owners have the responsibility to approve contributions.
What are Contributive Tokens?
Contributive tokens are the units of account used to measure the value generated by contributions to a project. Their main function is to acknowledge and reward contributions, regardless of the current market value of their work.
Ex: 50h of work =1 token. 10K$ sales =1 token. Please make sure your contributor has already made the contribution and has been invited to join the project.
How are Contributive Tokens issued?
Project owners have the power of issuing their project's contributive tokens. In general, there is only one issuance.
How Contributive Tokens get some value?
Contributive tokens are shares of the Reserve Fund of the project.
The value of a token is the ratio between the value of the Fund and the current number of tokens.
Ex: if there is $100,000 in the Reserve Fund, and if there are currently 1,000,000 tokens, then the value of each token is $0.1.
Holder of contributive tokens can redeem their tokens, that is exchanging them for the corresponding share of the Reserve Fund.
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